Maltese are very glamorous, with a pure white coat, which feels like silk. This gives them a look of haughty nobility but looks can be deceiving. They are also a sprightly dog who excel in agility. Most of all they are an excellent companion dog and more importantly an amazing therapy dog. They love to be with their people. Even novice pet parents and apartment dwellers will find these puppies to be excellent furry friend. Maltese are easy to train, with positive reinforcement - they respond particularly well to treats and praise. They mature to be very small about 7/8 inches at the shoulder, and weight only 2.5/3kg. They are a gentle, fearless little dog, who greets everyone as a friend. 

Veniachristi is my Kennel Name and it is Latin for the Love of Christ

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Veniachristi Snowy Season

Areown Luvva Boy Ben

Harry Potter Del Fluffy Angels

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