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7 months ago

Just a quick Message to say we got our little girl from you 10th aug we called her Luna she is a beautiful little girl so full of life I would definitely get another dog from you as all puppy’s are so cared and loved

Ewa cromar
9 months ago

We got our beautiful lhasa also girl from Puppy cottage. She the Sweetest girl with beautiful character, very clever learning so fast , doing so well. 2 weeks with us , we love her to bits already. Thank you Cristina for our little bundle of joy

Sudeshna Chattopadhyay
9 months ago

I am interested in getting a Maltese or a Lhasa apso. I like both breeds and would like some information about when you will have your next litters?
If you can give me an idea of your prices for the pups it would be helpful.
Kind regards

Puppy cottage
9 months ago

Dear Sudeshna Chattopadhyay
I have both boys and girl in the Maltese. Boys are 950 girls 1200. I have one lhasa apso girl for 850 all lovely temperaments

9 months ago

hello I have good choice of Maltese and Lhasa Apso's puppies welcome to view please tel 07467465548

Penny Newell
a year ago

Beautiful cottage, lovely lady and beautiful dogs. I bought my Maltese puppy today and he’s the cutest gentlest little boy. Thank you 😊

Piotr Gutowski
a year ago

We love our dog that we got off Christina, she is very nice and open to answer any of our question. We already love our baby and have had him only for 2 days. Hes very playful and cute. We love him alot thank you. I recommend buying a puppy from her.

Jayne Harrison
a year ago

Dolly is absolutely perfect. Lovely nature and so content. I have never had a dog before and Christina has been so helpful answering any ‘first time mum’ questions. Thank you so much x

2 years ago

5 star service
What an amazing person Cristina is.
The love time and dedication put into her dogs are plain to see. Our little pup is doing amazing, and toilet trained when we got her, thank you for an amazing little girl.
Lots of Love x

Sonia Davis
2 years ago

HI Cristina,
Just a note to let you know how our little boy is getting on. We have called him Beau.
He has grown quite a bit and is absolutely gorgeous.
He is full of mischief and loves to play.
He likes being groomed, even though he is a wriggly puppy.
Thank you so much, we could not have found a better puppy, your expertise, knowledge and care is " Simple The Best."
He can sit, give you a paw, lie down, and fetch all on command. He is very quick to learn.
He is a little treasure.
Best Wishes.
Sonia, Mike and Beau.

We all give you Five Stars.

Wayne Walker
2 years ago

Exceptional quality lovely puppy’s. All very loved and cared for, beautiful pedigrees.
Amazing work puppy cottage does in ensuring all puppy’s are happy and healthy

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Nadia Wood 5stars 2 weeks ago

Christina is great with all the dogs. She communicated very well with me when I was wanting a puppy. My little pup is in great health. He settled down straight away. Couldn’t have ask for a better service

Josh 5stars

 1 week ago
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1 week ago
thank you hope your puppy is happy and gay. xxx

Lisa Marsh 5stars

 1 week ago
Christina is wonderful. All the dogs are healthy and happy. They are all vaccinated and have yearly health checks. My puppy is gorgeous and I can't thank Christina enough we are so very happy.
Thank you


Boo Davies 5 stars
 1 week ago
The best breeder one could hope for. Christina runs an excellent establishment and the dogs she sells are very well looked after and trained. I wholly recommend her and her business.

1 week ago

Thank I know your little puppy is well and gay. xxxx


Kenneth Smith - 1 Week Ago - 5 Stars

We got a Lhasa Apso puppy from puppy cottage and she was brilliant and dog care was brilliant.

Valerie Cook - 39 weeks ago - 5 Stars

Christina is a good breeder and always tries her very best. The puppies are well looked after. I myself have a beautiful little girl from Christina whom we love so very much. I always recommend people to go here.

Michael Davis - 46 weeks ago - 5 Stars

Hi Christina, Just a note to let you know, how our little boy is getting on. We have named him Beau He has grown quite a bit and is absolutely gorgeous. He is full of mischief and loves to play. He likes being groomed, even though he is a wriggly puppy. Thank you so much. We could not have found a better puppy. Your expertise, knowledge and care is " Simply The Best ". He can already sit, give you a paw, lie down and fetch items on command. He is very quick to learn and is a little treasure. Best wishes, Sonia, Mike and Beau Davis.

Marylin Ashcroft - 30/12/21 - 5 Stars

Just purchased lovely lhasa apso puppy girl called Wyllow. Great experience, Christine is a very knowledgeable breeder. She already knew her name therefore I did not change it. She has settled in very well indeed. only had a few accidents inside. Does what she needs to do when put in garden. uses puppy pads in the house. She has quite a character very lovable but soon lets you know if she wants something too . I would recommend.

Tony Speirs - 25/11/21 - 5 Stars

Jaydeyyy K - 18/11/2021 - 5 Star

Fabulous breeder. Puppies are a credit to Christine. Whitney has been amazing since the moment we got her. Would absolutely recommend.

Andrea Lomax - 12/10/2021 - 5 Stars

John Cogill - 30/09/2021 - 5 Stars

Love our adorable Maltese. He,s clever, loving and loyal.

Jacqueline Cogill - 25/03/2021 - 5 Stars

The Wyatts -  06/03/2021 - 5 Stars

Adorable healthy Maltese pup. Great communication, always willing to talk. Registered breeder and pup comes all the certificates / Kennel club registration and chip. Nice touch with the puppy plan guidance document and Royal Canin welcome pack. Would highly recommend.

Trevor Boyes - 04/03/2021 - 5 Stars

Riti Bhattacharya - 20/02/2021- 5 Stars

Rita Carr - 20/02/2021 -5 Stars

My beautiful dog has the best temperament in the world. She is a credit to them

Rishi Rout - 18/02/2021 - 5 Stars

Lovely, healthy pup and all certificates/ Kennel club registration completed on time. Highly recommended!

Nadia Wood - 15/02/2021 - 5 Stars

Great customer service aswell as being very reliable.

Customer Pictures 

Beautiful Yasmin- Maltese 


Hi thought you would an update on Yasmin, she grows my beautiful everyday and has the most amazing temperament, she’s incredibly smart and has been a dream to train, it’s amazing how quickly she picks things up and is so eager to please, she's so loving and sociable and has been the most amazing puppy we ever could of hoped for!


Male Maltese



John Cogill- August 2021 - 5 Stars

Love our adorable Maltese. He's clever, loving and loyal.